Each of Us is a Universe












When we close our eyes, we still sense all our surroundings; this is because we live in a virtual reality inside our mind. Our raw sensory input would be overwhelming and confusing, so we filter and process it into our own private 3D film, with surround sound. These internal constructs are really the only way we interact with the “real” world. The reason our dreams seem so real is that the same “hardware” we use to process what happens around us can be run as a simulator during our downtime.

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I Have a Subjection, Your Honor















Subjective (adj.)

modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background <a subjective account of the incident>

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Empty the Cup















Why do we have so much trouble growing, improving, and learning? One reason is that our “cup” is already full, and because of that, there is not enough room for what needs to go in. If we already know something, have a skill, or even have a certain thought, it doesn’t need to occupy space in our learning time.

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What About Jam Sessions?










One of the most common methods of networking for musicians is to go to jam sessions. These gatherings are often not what they appear, and often caution is advised…

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The Big Lie














As the world changes and information is available everywhere instantly, it appears that there is a casualty: the truth.

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Not All Bullies are Loud













When we think of bullying, the aggressive, noisy, overbearing personality comes to mind. While these types certainly make themselves known, (especially during childhood) there is an arguably more dangerous bully that appears in adult situations: the soft-spoken one. Continue Reading…

It’s gotta be bad (or it ain’t gonna be good)










(With apologies to Duke Ellington!)

In recent years, I’ve seen  lots videos of performers triggering clips, sounds and phrases while tempo-locked to a groove in a static harmony; while the result sounds OK, it’s the lack of possibility for it to fail that makes me dubious.

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A Revolutionary Concept











Introducing the hardware-sofware human interface you’ve been waiting for. Here are some of the main features:

  • Allows control over pitch, harmony, tone, dynamics, and rhythm, all in real time!
  • Locks to any tempo, and follows complex harmonic and metric changes.
  • Enables interactions between musicians, collaborations, and unique live-performance applications.
  • Doesn’t use loops or phrase samples, no built-in obsolescence.
  • Constantly updated with the latest capabilities.
  • Suitable for any style, from classical to the most modern.
  • Developed through an evolutionary process by the finest musical minds.

Best yet,

It’s free.

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Embracing the Distractions









It’s clear that there is much to be gained by devoting our full attention to our work. Is there a downside to iron-clad focus? What about the distractions? Continue Reading…

Living with Tinnitus









For many years, even though my hearing is good, I have suffered with Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. For me, it is a true “ringing” in that it focuses on a small range of frequencies in the 4khz range, a bit like a police whistle. For people without this affliction, it seems like a minor annoyance, but for those of us who live with it, it can be a terrible life-altering struggle to live with this noise. How can we deal with this? Continue Reading…

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