Archive - February, 2012

Basic Jazz Voicings Using Interval Shapes

The concept of shape-based voicings is a helpful method of organizing harmonic material on the keyboard. First, it allows us to “grab” a group of notes using muscle memory, avoiding the need to think one note at a time. This method also allows us to “recycle” a shape for use in a number of different musical situations. In this lesson, we will examine two very useful shapes.

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“Fromage” CD Liner Notes










 Download the recording here.

Most jazz musicians feel the need to do a “standards” recording at some point in their career. Most choose much-beloved classics or perhaps less-known, but nonetheless well-regarded material.

In my case I chose to do songs that perhaps haven’t gotten a lot of respect in the jazz community- or any community, for that matter. Most people understandably dismiss these tunes as “cheesy” and don’t give them a second thought.

In this recording we will do our best to give these tunes some “love.”

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