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Happy Holidays!









Here is a bunch of Christmas music for your holiday enjoyment! We did these recordings from ’94-99 just for fun. Alesis ADAT tape machines! Tracks 1,3, 7 and 8 were recorded on Fostex 1/2 inch analog 16 track. (you may notice some slight hiss) Hope you enjoy!

The musicians:

Randy Hoexter: arrangements, keyboards, BG vocals
Chip Lunsford: Drums
Joe Reda: Bass (1,3,7,8)
Bryan Lopes: Saxophone (1,3,7,8)
Alfreda Gerald: Vocals
Angie Driscoll: Vocals (5)
Carl Culpepper: Guitar (5)

How are Grammy Awards Chosen? Part I













Every year, people watch the Grammy Awards and wonder about the process, and how certain artists win, some over and over. In the process of submitting my material to this competition, I learned a lot about how this and other merit-based awards are chosen, and about our industry in general. Continue Reading…