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Excerpts from my upcoming CD “Fromage”

Here are four short excerpts from my upcoming CD “Fromage.” It is comprised of jazz arrangements of songs usually considered too “cheesy” to be considered “standards.”

The musicians: Piano/arranger: Randy Hoexter Bass: Jimmy Haslip Drums: Tom Knight/Dave Weckl Guitar: Trey Wright Saxophones, flute, bass clarinet: Sam Skelton Trumpet: Mike Barry Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Gordon Vernick Trombone: Eric Alexander Congas, Djembe, Cajon: Kit Chatham Triangle, Shaker: Eric Sanders

See if you can identify these gems of 70s AM pop radio!

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Fear of Disappointment

When we are children, our parents do a great deal to protect us from disappointment; they warn us not to “count our chickens” and to remember that we shouldn’t “get our hopes up.”  While these warnings may make sense for a small child, we often carry them into our adult life, where they hold us back. Is an uncomfortable moment really that bad?

New Car Fever

When the time comes for us to replace our car, salespeople use our fear of disappointment to maneuver us into all kinds of unwise choices. We select a vehicle, find a model with just the features we want, and we get “fired up” about driving home in our shiny new status symbol.

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Using delay in a mix

Some ideas for optimizing delay settings.

Kick drum EQ

Using Eq to sculpt a recorded kick drum sound.

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